Arrange Your Make Up Better In Catchy Make Up Storage

Make up, lipstik, powders, brushes, eyeliners, foundation, there are so many of them. A perfect place should be provided in prder to keep the make up in a good quality. This is because some make up is very sensitive and need a special treatment. Others, might not be that fragile but its little size make […]

Posted in: Interior     July 31st, 2014

Stylish Bedding For Your Perfect Sleep

Your quality of sleep does not only determine by the room, but also more specifically the bedding itself. Bedding style and color contributes a lot in influencing your moods and create a relaxation in your sleep. So, do not randomly choose. Mind your preference and have a wonderful sleep with perfect bed cover. The first […]

Posted in: Kids Room     July 30th, 2014

Pedestal Sink, Choose The Big One If You Dare

Pedestal sink is one of the must have bathroom component. It does not only use to wash you hands, but indirectly function also as an ornament. Long time ago people only have little white skin as a sink. But current interior design trend is quiet different right now. A big and even luxurious sink is […]

Posted in: Interior     July 29th, 2014

Elegant Glass Dining Tables

There are many tables that you can find in a store. But nothing is more beautiful than a glass dining table. An elegant design, wonderful color and innovative shape is a perfect definition of arts. Various kinds of shapes and material brings you ultimate access to choose one which best for your needs. Here are […]

Posted in: Dining Room     July 28th, 2014

Mediteraian House, A Perfect Place To Stay

Mediterranean culture provides a very wonderful house concept. A large building in simple decoration with immense number of entertainment space. What entertainment mean s here does not always refer to a room with full of electronic device and home theater, but outdoor space to enjoy nature. A real perfect place to stay. Let us take […]

Posted in: Architecture     July 27th, 2014

Protecting Your Lovely Furniture With Slip Cover

Furniture can be a very precious investment for you. Not only for its function also brings beauty to your house, that is why you really need to protect and maintain them all. If you have child or pets that probably will leave stain on your furniture, or if you simply want o avoid your furniture […]

Posted in: Furniture     July 26th, 2014

Paint Jungle In Wall, Not By Wallpaper But The Real Wood

Wall is unlimited canvas to draw our creativity in designing our home interior. It should not only limited to the use of wall painting or wall paper. Also never limit itself on the vertical, diagonal or splanded pattern. It is more that that. And presenting the jungle, build it in your wall will also be […]

Posted in: Interior     July 25th, 2014


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Unique Long House Design in Japan

A house usually designed in a wide design, giving a more relaxed style. However, uniquely FORM or Kouchi Kimura Architects designed a long house design or the Promenade house in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The house is in the long design provides you the long hallway to reach each room in the house. The ground level […]

Baqueratta’s TH House Featuring Traditional Japan Using Contemporary Techniques

Yoshiyuki Moriyama of the Baqueratta, a Tokyo based architectural studio, is the mind behind the TH House. Built in Tochigi prefecture in Japan, the contemporary minimalistic housing structure donned in whites is seen to feature several private traditional Japanese styles in such a fresh and new way that still holds people in awe of the […]

The Remarkable Modern Main Beach House of Australia

Beach house is definitely is one of the greatest thing available for humankind. Do you think i exaggerated? Take a look at this beach house in the Main Beach, Queensland, Australia. The house is named Main Beach House. It is absolutely amazing, not only because the location is near a beach, the structure itself is […]

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos Amazing ALT House Project

Modern building that landed on the cliff is a valuable work of architectural art infinitely. The house is laid beauty between the strength of the rock cliff. Combining precisions of coral cliffs towering, futuristic three- dimensional shape is making the house look very real. Stand out from the heights, the cabin floor above presents a […]